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Our programs empower highly-motivated scholars with the knowledge, confidence, and community necessary to pursue their passions for STEM at the nation’s top colleges and beyond.




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2022 OEOP - MOSTEC decisions were released on April 18, 2022.
2022 OEOP - MOSTEC waitlist decisions will be released starting on April 26, 2022. Please expect final waitlist decisions by Monday, May 2.
After conducting extensive research and weighing the current uncertainties related to Covid-19 and its variants, we have decided to offer a fully virtual MOSTEC experience -only - for 2022. We will not offer the MITES program nor an on-campus MOSTEC conference.

Since 2011, the MIT OEOP has provided over 1,500 scholars with a transformative and life-changing experience through our MOSTEC program. Our program provides a meaningful and fun experience for rising high school seniors, where they learn about new and cutting-edge technologies in science and engineering, build a strong community of friends and mentors from across the globe, and receive support and coaching in the college application process, all at no cost. To learn more about MOSTEC, please click here

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply to MOSTEC, applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and high school juniors or equivalent.

Selection criteria

Students selected for our programs generally have the following qualities:

  • Passion for science, technology, engineering and math (which can be demonstrated through extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation)

  • Strong academic record

We strongly encourage students from the following backgrounds to apply:

  • Underrepresented in science and engineering, defined as being African American, Hispanic/Latino or Native American

  • Underserved, defined as coming from low socioeconomic means, which may be indicated by qualification for free/reduced lunch

  • Potentially the first family member to attend college

  • Absence of science and engineering degrees in family

  • Coming from a high school with low admittance rates to top-tier colleges, especially rural or predominantly minority high schools

All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered, regardless of race or ethnicity.


Our application for MOSTEC is a set of forms that each student who is interested in applying is required to complete. Upon submission, each student's application goes through a competitive selection process. To learn more about the application process from previous years, please check out our FAQs, Application Checklist, and Application Tips found at the top of this page. 

For any other questions please email summerapp@mit.edu